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Mobile MRI Safety and Accuracy

When an individual needs to have a medical test of any kind, concerns over safety and if the test is accurate often surface. The patient, however, should not have any concerns if a mobile MRI is used for their test.

Mobile MRI Safety

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is an expensive piece of equipment where a non-invasive medical imaging process used to see the body's internal structure, including diagnosing issues with the brain, abdominal organs, pelvic organs, blood vessels, skeleton and heart. It is also often a key part of diagnosing different types of cancer. MRI uses a strong magnetic field to create three-dimensional imaging, so it is critical that the patient not have any metal on them or in their body, such as surgical pins or metal plates. If a patient has a pacemaker or cochlear implants should not have an MRI, again due to the high magnetic field in use.

Mobile MRI is useful when a hospital's or imaging center's MRI is not currently functional due to maintenance or repair. Just like a fixed MRI unit, three-dimensional images are created using an extremely strong magnet. The mobile MRI units are lined with lead walls in order to keep the strong magnet's use only within the trailer housing the unit, avoid issues with automobiles in the area or those walking by wearing jewelry or have metal in their body. If the patient has any questions about the safety of MRI, they should discuss their concerns with their doctor prior to making an appointment for the test.

Mobile MRI Accuracy

The requirements for fixed scanners are much more detailed than those requirements for a mobile MRI. Even though a mobile MRI is not in a fixed location, this type of unit still must adhere to the same strict guidelines a fixed MRI unit at a hospital or imaging center must meet, so there should be no cause for concern by the patent if a mobile MRI unit is used for imaging. If the patient has any questions about utilizing the mobile MRI for their test, they should discuss it with the individual conducting the test. Ultimately, however, there is no cause for concern when a mobile MRI is used to conduct a patient's test.

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